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You’ve built it to exact specifications
And just to make it start,
It’s forged in the fires of precision¬†
The first beats programmed into the robot’s heart.

She won’t ever need you.
She won’t mind if you’re gone.
She’s designed to only appreciate
The music of the dawn.

Protected by a ring of fire
In a dance of object manipulation;
That it’ll never be more than just an object
Is the only stipulation.

You tell her to let go of the past,
To care for only now,
And never mind the future.
In abrupt retort she answers, “meow.”

She drinks a lime-kissed potion
Made of sin and sonic,
Dreams of self-destruction 
An explosion electronic.

It won’t rust or tarnish,
It’ll never fall apart;
Built to exact specifications,
The perfect robot heart.

kimi ga suki da to sakebitai…